Alison Moore Underwater

Blue Jellyfish & Friends - Orkney Underwater Drinks Coaster

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Although appearing to hitch a lift on this Blue jellyfish, these baby fish are cleverly hiding amongst the jellyfish tentacles to avoid being lunch for larger fish. The jellyfish doesn't mind as the larger fish are enticed towards the jelly by the baby fish, and before  you know it, it is stung by the tentacles and becomes lunch for the jelly. The baby fish feast on the scraps and clean the jellyfish. Is this the perfect symbiotic relationship? 

Alison's underwater photographs capture the remarkable wildlife, colours and textures of Orkney's ocean environment. 

A lovely way to bring the underwater world of the Orkney Islands into your home is by using these luxurious glossy coasters. The colours of the coasters are vivid with a glossy, reflective finish with a cork base.